High-Performance Green Homes by Dominion Custom Homes

Dominion Custom Homes is committed to reducing your new home’s environmental impact while providing the highest levels of energy efficiency and performance, making your new custom home more comfortable and reducing your monthly energy costs by up to 30%.

Built-In Performance

Dominion Custom Homes builds each high performance custom home to meet the different EarthCraft House and EasyLiving Home program specifications – producing a home that is green, welcoming and saves energy.

Dominion Custom Homes’ Green Homes meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines for energy efficiency. These homes are typically 20-30% more efficient than standard homes because they include the following additional energy-saving features:


Effective Insulation

Effective insulation ensures even temperatures throughout the house


High-Performance Windows

High-performance windows keep the house warm in the winter, cool in the summer and block ultraviolet rays that cause carpeting to fade

Tight Construction & Ducting

Tight construction and ducts reduce drafts, moisture, dust, pollen, and noise

Efficient HVAC

Efficient heating & cooling equipment is quieter, reduces indoor humidity & improves overall comfort

Efficient Lighting & Appliances

Energy efficient lighting products & appliances save money on utility bills

EarthCraft House

The EarthCraft House program is a voluntary green building program that serves as a blueprint for healthy, comfortable homes that reduce utility bills and protect the environment. Dominion Custom Homes homes earn the EarthCraft designation because the company’s builders are trained to follow the program’s technical requirements.

EasyLiving Homes

Owners of a Dominion Custom Homes custom home enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that an EasyLiving Home designation brings since it is based on the principles of easy access, easy passage and easy use:


Step-Free Entrance

Step-free entrance into home provides easy entry for small children, friends or family needing mobility aids, and easy transport of luggage or strollers

Wider Doorways

Wider doorways provide easier access to all living spaces, and improved ability to move furniture or carry bulky articles, such as laundry baskets

Main Floor Living

Bedroom, kitchen, entertainment area, & bathroom are all located on the main floor providing fewer trips up and down stairs, and greater comfort for those with mobility issues or serious medical conditions

Our Commitment

At Dominion Custom Homes we believe building a home should be a positive experience for our clients throughout the entire process. We’ve developed and implemented these home building guidelines with a singular goal in mind – to exceed your expectations!

Get In Touch

Dominion Custom Homes is here to answer any of your questions and make the decision to build a new custom home as easy as possible.  Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions or concerns.