Pam and Bill’s Forever Home

My wife and I have been working with Dominion Custom Homes to craft our forever home.  Our adventure with the professionals at Dominion began early in our quest to find the perfect lot and then design the perfect home.  They were there every step of the way from accessing our lot choices to adding those special touches that makes every home unique.  We were happy to take possession of our custom home just before New Year’s.  What a wonderful way to bring in 2015!

We have lived in our new home for a few months now and have been reflecting upon our experience working with Dominion Custom Homes.  We have heard of a number of horror stories of working with developers: numerous problems encountered, costs and schedule overruns, promises not fulfilled, and sometimes even worse things.  But this was simply not our case – it was just the opposite!  Our home was fabricated to high standards, completed on time and even just a bit under budget.

John Kerber and Pam Discussing Foundation

John Kerber of Dominion Custom Homes discussing foundation construction with Pam.

We have so many good things to say about our custom home and our experience working with Dominion Custom Homes.  While the list is long, a few of these include:

Professional and Flexible House Plan Development.  So you want to build a custom home, now what?  Well Dominion has got that figured out.  Using a guided interview process, Dominion was able to quickly capture our major requirements in a new home.  This allowed both Dominion and us to determine the type of floor plan that would work best.  Using Dominion’s expert draftsmen, we developed and refined our floor plan, made some design changes that reflected our lifestyle, and came up with a perfect home design just for us.  But the design doesn’t just stop at the start of construction, you need a developer that listens and reacts to the inevitable changes that come up.  For examples, after construction started we decided that building out a home theater would be nice.  However, a critical support beam location made the placement of a video projector almost impossible.  After discussions and some engineering work, Dominion was able to modify the construction plans to allow us to fulfill our dream of having a state-of-the-art home theater.

Expert Interior Design Help.  While we knew we wanted to build a new home, making interior design choices can be a daunting task.  Dominion has a well-defined process that took us through all the stages of home construction.  This allowed us to focus upon the next important design choices without getting overwhelmed in the process.  Additionally, Dominion Custom Homes provided an expert Interior Designer that guided and mentored our design selections and helped us create a truly unique home that reflected our personality.

Communication.  Often times, the building of a new home is the largest project that a couple can undertake.  Ok, maybe just behind raising a family.  But in both cases, a successful project demands good communications.  Our Project Manager (PM) at Dominion was always there for us.  Either just a phone call, email, or text away, we always knew what was going on and when.  When we had a question or consideration, we could count on our PM to answer our questions and to follow through on our requests or questions.

After Sale Support.  Now that Dominion Custom Homes is off building another new customer home, they are still there for us.  Upon acceptance of our home, we were provided a documentation set that included warranty information, trade contact information, a 60-day checklist, and photo documentation of what’s behind the walls (something that will prove invaluable down the road).  But I know that if any problem or question may come up, I can simply give them a call and ask for advice or assistance.

But these are just things.  What made our experience special and enjoyable for us was probably simply one thing: TRUST.  Through all these things, we developed trust in Dominion Custom Homes.  Trust to listen to us and trust to build us our forever home.  I think if you lose this in your developer, then things can quickly go awry.  This did not happen to us.  We had a great experience and would trust Dominion Custom Homes to build for our friends, family, and anyone else interested in creating their new home.

Before and After Photo

Before and after shot. Taken from same location, just about seven months later.

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