Our Process

Building With Dominion Custom Homes


Selecting Your Homesite

You may already have the land for your new home; but if you don’t, we can assist you in finding the perfect home site and community to fit you and your lifestyle.


Designing Your Home

We can match you with the best architect or designer for your taste and budget to design a home that is uniquely yours. If you already have plans, we can work with those as well.


Securing Your Financing

Once you have secured financing or your finances are in place, we will begin construction of your dream home.


Personalizing Your Home

Decisions about the products and materials to use for your new home are important to finalizing your budget. Once this is done, pricing takes about 2-3 weeks to be completed.


Signing Your Building Agreement

Once site costs & allowances are determined, we can finalize pricing and sign paperwork to begin. All details and specifications will be itemized to avoid any surprises.


Meeting & Selection

Before breaking ground on your new home, you will work with our personal designer to finalize any and all plans and decisions.


Building Process

After all of the preparation, your dream becomes reality. All aspects of construction are overseen by the team. Communication is key. Check the status of your home using our mobile app, no matter your geographic location.


Welcome Home

During the walkthrough, we’ll show you how systems operate, provide you with points of contact.

3 Keys To Building A Successful Custom Home

Set Your Budget

Hire A Builder You Trust And Like To Work With

Have The Builder Take You Through The Design Process

Watch This Timelapse Video Of A Dominion Custom Home In The Making!